About Co-ops NSW


Co-ops NSW was established by NSW co-operatives to advocate for the co-operative sector; raise public awareness; provide education, resources and networking opportunities; and maintain links with other organisations, both interstate and internationally.

Co-ops NSW has a voluntary Board of Directors, including representatives of distributing (commercial) and non-distributing (not-for-profit) organisations.

Many NSW co-operatives are members of the Federation, and they and non-members are active in training and networking activities.

We are very grateful to those co-operatives who provide additional assistance such as meeting rooms, hospitality and sponsorship for events. Working together, we can achieve a lot more.

In 2005, Co-ops NSW changed its Rules to invite a wider set of organisations to join.

In addition to groups incorporated under the NSW Co-operatives Act, we now welcome those associations and companies whose objectives are in line with the International Co-operative Principles, and also those co-operatives registered in other States that are active in NSW and wish to support the Federation’s work.