Becoming a member

A corporation is eligible to be a member of Co-ops NSW if it is an incorporated entity whose activities are consistent with the international co-operative principles.

The member must appoint a person to represent it in all dealings with Co-ops NSW.

A corporation is not qualified to be admitted to membership unless the Co-ops NSW Board has reasonable grounds for believing that it will be an active member.

Active membership rules are part of co-operatives legislation to ensure that only those members who participate in co-operative activities, in accordance with international co-operative principles, have a say in the control of a co-operative.

Annual fees are due on the anniversary of the approval of membership. Click here to calculate the cost of membership.

If you have any queries about membership please email or telephone Sam Byrne, Secretary, on 0408 231 509.


Membership Application Form

Click to download a copy of the Membership Application Form, which should be emailed to Secretary Sam Byrne at or mailed to:

Co-ops NSW
GPO Box 1064
NSW 2001