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Supporting and promoting co-ops in NSW

Co-op Director Training

Co-ops NSW runs the only director training course in Australia specific for co-operatives.

The half or full day sessions, and up to 14 training modules, can be tailored to you, your board or together the boards of several co-operatives in your area or industry.  All participants also receive a copy of Co-operatives in Australia: A Manual.

For more information contact Sam Byrne, Secretary, at sec@nsw.coop or on 0408 231 509.

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About Us

Co-ops NSW is a peak representative body for co-operative enterprise.

A co-operative is a business or organisation owned and controlled by its members who can be customers, staff, suppliers, local residents or a combination of these stakeholders.

Members have an equal say in how the co-operative is run. Members choose what to do with profits, whether distributing among members, reinvesting in the business or giving to the community.

Co-operatives in Australia are registered by the states and territories under legislation that is nationally consistent (except in Queensland).

If your organisation is a co-operative or its activities are consistent with the International Co-operative Principles, please consider joining so that we can support, represent and promote you and the co-operative sector.

Our Objectives

  • Represent and assist co-operatives and like entities in their relations with government

  • Facilitate or provide advice and services to co-operatives and like entities

  • Improve awareness and understanding of the extent and significance of co-operatives

  • Promote the exchange of information among co-operatives and like entities

  • Maintain links with co-operative organisations, both interstate and internationally